Friday, November 10, 2006

November 2006 - Working Away at HOME!

Starting to realise this month, that working away can have its benefits. Not least the overtime, expense claiming and nights out in different cities...but also the chance to catch up with my family! Spent the last two weeks mostly based from my parents place in Bridgend, whilst working at the Cardiff office.

A few drawbacks of course...none of that freedom to roam free and naked around my flat! Also, Mike is becoming a recluse on his own, so I need to make sure I visit his many millions of blog sites to make sure he earns $ $ $'s to keep him happy in my absence! Speaking of which....check out the links to his sites...
NAME THAT CAR - which is a car snapshot quiz!
NAME THAT TUBE - which is his highly popular tube station picture quiz!

Anyway, I'm still at my folks now...which is why I'm maybe short on photographic material whilst using the mother's laptop! I found this shot tho...

This is a pic taken back in September for the old dear's 60th birthday. Me on the right, my brother-in-law on the left. Marrakesh-in-a-bottle is clearly showing its virtues here! See how much darker I am...L'Oreal, because I'm worth it!

Monday, July 03, 2006

JULY 2006 - Reflection and Planning Ahead

Afternoon All,
Some reflection on June's highlights and upcoming plans for July.

03/07 - Back in work today at Zurich after what has felt like the longest two weeks off ever! 5 of the best days of my life on a road trip thru France & Germany, taking in almost every F1 circuit possible en route (Some notable buzz words of the trip - "Ausfahrt if you want me to." "BUTROS...BUTROS..." "10 German bombers....Aaand the RAF of England..." "Aachen Baby")

This was swiftly followed by a weeks "work" at the Henley Regatta. A great experience and in blistering hot weather, spent surrounded by thousands of disgustingly rich and unattainably beautiful people! A self-made position as Staff Supervisor, which entailed minimal supervising, and more than a little Pimms!

08/07 - First Saturday of the month. As yet no known plans, but subject to change at late notice as usual! It's the eve of Sunday's World Cup Final Sunday (09/07), which would be a good excuse to get together. My prediction is for Italy to beat France in the Final.

14/07 - Friday night - I'm out in Chelt for a work guy's leaving do, and then back in South Wales on Saturday 15/07 to see my sister and nephew.

21/07 - The friday night before my 25th birthday. Hoped to be away for my birthday, but as we're in Leeds for the rugby the following weekend then that's grand.
22/07 - The big TWO FIVE. Wherever we decide to be, its sure to be messy!

29/07 - Saturday train to Hudds, for a lunchtime rugby league giant kill - Hull KR v St Helens.
This Leeds into a full day on the Stones Bitters and a night back at hotel and city of Leeds

Will hopefully post some more photos in due course...but I've managed to break my phone screen again(3rd time this year!), so will have to see what I can do. Meanwhile, enjoy this gem of a shot from saturday night...

I'm guessing the owner of this moon can barely remember the chip stuffing that occurred! "Is that a Pootato Chip I see?!"

Goodnight and Koblenz!


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